Frequently Asked Questions

For Influencers

Are the offers on the app for free? What does the ‘offer value’ of each offer mean?

All available offers are completely free for Zenfluencers. The ‘offer value’ only indicates the respective purchase value of the service or product, in case you would have purchase it as a customer. Zenfluencers will get the service/ product for free in return for a social media post.

How do I redeem the offer?

1. Have a look at the specific offer T&Cs on the app and check if a pre-booking is required (this is usually the case for gym classes, beauty appointments, etc.)

2. If a pre-booking is required, just contact the brand under the provided phone number or email. If no pre-booking is required, you can just head down to the brand location and let the staff know that you are a Zenfluencer when you arrive.

3. They will ask you to scan a QR-code which they will provide. Just use your app, scroll down to the 'redeem offer' button in the specific offer (make sure that you select the correct offer from the correct brand location).

4. Press the 'redeem offer' button and a QR-code reader will open which you can use to scan the QR-code.

5. A pop-up window will appear mentioning 'redemption successful'. Just show this pop-up to the staff and they will issue your offer. The offer is free of charge. 😊

6. Don't forget to take a few good pictures during your experience and post at least one picture no later than 48 hours after the redemption.

Do the influencers need to pay anything to join the app or to redeem the offers?

No, the app and offers are for free and there are no costs involved at all. Zenfluencers pay with their IG posts in return.

Are the collaborations on the app paid collaborations?

Currently, the collaborations are not paid, but the Zenfluencers will receive a free product or service (called 'offers' in the app) instead in return for an IG post. We are currently working on a feature, where brands can pay the influencers for the collabs, so stay tuned!

Are there any limits on the number of offer redemptions one influencer can redeem?

No, there are no limits. As a Zenfluencer, you can redeem as many offers as you like :)

Is the platform also available outside Singapore?

Currently, Zenfluence is only available in Singapore.